About Development Entrepreneurship

Development Entrepreneurship is the use of entrepreneurial logic to improve people’s lives.

Drawing on decades of research and experience, the approach highlights how leaders use entrepreneurial principles to introduce policy reforms that bring about transformational change. Development Entrepreneurship has 12 principles that increase the likelihood of success in pursuing reform.

key idea 1

Development Entrepreneurship seeks to pursue transformative reforms. We use three criteria to pick these reforms: Impact, Sustainability, and Political Feasibility,

key idea 2

We apply five Entrepreneurial Principles to pursue reform: Just start, Make small bets, Work with partners, Expect surprises, and Influence the future.

key idea 3

Development Entrepreneurs demonstrate four behaviors that help them to be effective: Grit, Autonomy, Confidence, and Humility.

These three ideas comprise development entrepreneurship.

It is a call for leaders eager to use entrepreneurial principles to introduce reform that leads to improved outcomes.