Online Introduction to Development Entrepreneurship Draws Record Number of Participants
October 26, 2023

In the August 23, 2023 “Introduction to Development Entrepreneurship” Zoom meeting, the Coalitions for Change (CfC) program’s Strategic Advisor Jaime Faustino presented the 12 Principles of Development Entrepreneurship, an approach to policy reform used by The Asia Foundation Philippines’ Australian Government-supported CfC program. He was followed by Mary Grace Mirandilla-Santos, who shared her experience in applying these principles in her pursuit of a policy for better internet access in the Philippines.

The online discussion of the Development Entrepreneurship (DE) approach is part of The Asia Foundation’s contribution to the national and international discussion on development. The DE approach evolved from the real-life experiences of reform leaders like Mr. Faustino and colleagues, and from development literature.

There were a record 142 participants in attendance at this particular “Introduction to Development Entrepreneurship” session, the highest so far relative to past sessions. This high level of participation may be attributed to the support of The Asia Foundation’s Global Communications unit, which helped boost the spread of information and invitations to the activity.

About the Speakers:

Jaime Faustino is the Strategic Advisor for Coalitions for Change, a partnership of The Asia Foundation and the Australian Government, and a proponent of Development Entrepreneurship, with extensive experience in driving economic growth through innovative approaches.

Mary Grace Mirandilla-Santos is a respected expert in the field of telecommunications policy who shared her actual experiences on doing the Satellite Broadband Reform, showcasing the real-world impact of policy reform.


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