Development Entrepreneurship Leadership Development Team Supports Bayi
November 16, 2022

In selecting policy ideas, Development Entrepreneurship picks reforms that will have impact. The consideration of impact includes inclusivity – that is, the reform must be for the greater good of the greater number. This awareness of the circumstances of women is reflected in such reforms as the property rights reform that led to the Residential Free Patent Act, which has been availed by as many women as men. More recently, a reform was introduced to include Violence Against Women and Children in the emergencies that 911 would respond to. Exploring the possibility of making Development Entrepreneurship concepts and tools more accessible to women leaders, the Leadership Development Team committed to introducing the approach to members of BAYI, Inc. BAYI works for more women’s representation in legislative bodies with the aim of achieving gender justice through feminist leadership . They have succeeded in helping women leaders introduce gender transformative policy reforms at the sub national level. Currently, their signature program, Angat Bayi Political Empowerment Fellowship (AB PEF), is being replicated for women leaders in the civil service and emerging young women leaders in the LGUs where Angat Bayi Fellows are present. Bayi aspires to build an ecosystem of feminist leaders from the different sectors in the community who will work towards gender transformative, inclusive, and sustainable development. Both groups are looking forward to an Introduction to Development Entrepreneurship session during the last Course of AB PEF in Cagayan de Oro City on Dec 2-4, 2022. Hopefully, the key concepts and tools of this policy reform approach would be useful to elected women leaders – and those who are working to influence government.


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