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Cleared for Takeoff: Coalitions for Change and the Development of Clark International Airport

This paper explores the conditions that gave rise to Clark International Airport development, including the subtle but significant role of the Coalitions for Change (CfC) program. CfC and its local partners were able to successfully revive and refine the development of Clark airport as an alternative international gateway to Metro Manila, an issue which had lain dormant for years. The paper offers lessons on testing for political feasibility, technical rigor, timing, and the importance of supporting a locally-led reform.  

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Promoting Land Governance Reform in the Philippines, 2000-2017: Long-term Linkages, Legacies, and Lessons

This paper traces four major reforms in Philippine land governance, including their scope, outcomes, and complementarities. It also offers lessons on considering institutional capacity and political feasibility, and the importance of capitalizing on gains. With property rights as an important contributor to economic growth, the paper’s holistic examination provides useful lessons not only on land governance but also for other development initiatives. 

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Creative Development Aid Modalities: Alleviating School Congestion in the Philippines

This paper features a reform in basic education aimed at reducing congestion for public schools in the Philippines. The reform journey covers five years, and examines how Coalitions for Change mobilized a team, listened to local knowledge and experiences, pursued reform conjectures amidst changing political and development landscape, and finally arrived at a simple but effective solution to address school congestion in the Philippines: providing the means for the government to secure land titles to build more schools in the years ahead. 

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